Terms of Employment and Regulations

In addition to a competitive salary, AUAS offers its employees excellent employment conditions such as a generous leave scheme, travel expenses and a health insurance contribution.


The terms of employment of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences are mainly laid down in the Collective Labour Agreement for Universities of Applied Sciences (CAO HBO). You can find the CAO HBO 2021-2022 at www.vereniginghogescholen.nl


Salary levels vary depending on the position and the employee's knowledge and experience. See the Collective Labour Agreement for Universities of Applied Sciences (CAO HBO) for an overview of salary scales. In addition to their salaries, employees receive an annual 8% holiday allowance and a year-end bonus (thirteenth month).


AUAS has chosen to reimburse commuting expenses in a way that encourages cycling and travel by public transport. Several forms of commuting are eligible for reimbursement. For example, employees that choose to use an NS Business Card, will receive a 100% reimbursement for any travel by public transport.


Employees at universities of applied sciences work 1659 hours per year in case of a full-time appointment. Your number of holiday hours will depend on the working week you choose (36, 38 or 40-hour weeks) and the number of hours you work per day. For example, in the case of a full-time appointment and a 40-hour working week, you will be entitled to 428 holiday hours per year. The calculation applied to determine your leave balance will take account of public holidays and mandatory days off as determined by the Executive Board.

Your holiday leave will be registered in the Digital Service Point for Employees (DSPM). AUAS uses DSPM to manage various personnel matters, such as the registration of your personal details, applications for travel expenses reimbursement and your personnel file.


As an AUAS employee, you can choose to take out a group health insurance plan with Zilveren Kruis or Zorg & Zekerheid. You will receive a monthly reimbursement of €25 (in proportion to working hours) towards the cost of health insurance, even if you do not opt for a group insurance policy.


All AUAS staff are covered by the ABP pension scheme. AUAS will pay part of the premium. The ABP will provide a value transfer statement if you wish to transfer previously accrued pension benefits.


AUAS encourages the professional development of all its employees and provides structural opportunities for this purpose. You need to expand your knowledge and skills in order to perform your job effectively and remain employable in the long term. This could take the form of courses, but could also include visits to conferences, short work placements, coaching programmes or participation in national professional council meetings. The AUAS Academy facilitates professional development through training courses, coaching and knowledge sharing.

Published by  HR 17 December 2021