AUAS staff and employees of the joint AUAS/ UvA service departments have access to coaching programmes and advice, learning pathways and external online training courses through the AUAS Academy.

The AUAS Academy designs and supervises learning pathways for staff members such as lecturers and managers, and coaches teams and individual employees.

To this end, we facilitate learning in the workplace and practical context wherever possible. We achieve this by linking subject-specific knowledge to individual employees' talents and current educational themes and developments at AUAS. Among other learning pathways, this can take the form of a Teaching Qualification for lecturers at Universities of Applied Sciences (TQUAS) or Connective Leadership programme for managers at AUAS and shared AUAS/UvA service departments (offered in Dutch).

You can also make use of various online training courses from GoodHabitz, an online learning platform offering a wide range of free programmes for AUAS employees. Current employees can log in directly via this link. Where necessary, we can also refer you to external experts and agencies trusted by the AUAS Academy.

Want to get in touch with the AUAS Academy?

T: +31 (0)20 595 3944 Leeuwenburg 7th floor (B)
AUAS Academy website (for current employees)

Published by  HR 1 November 2021