Doctoral Research

At the AUAS we encourage our lecturers to grow professionally. Although it’s only possible to obtain a PhD in the Netherlands at a research university, we offer our staff the opportunity to pursue a PhD (part-time) during their employment at the AUAS.

Over 40 lecturers have already taken advantage of this arrangement. The research conducted by the PhD candidate must align with one of the existing AUAS research groups. Candidates are supervised by one of the AUAS professors. In addition to this, they receive guidance from a supervisor. These agreements are finalised prior to the commencement of the doctoral research.

The doctoral research is partially conducted at the AUAS, and partially at the university associated with the PhD supervisor. The admission requirements for the PhD are determined by the partner university, which officially grants the doctoral title.

Looking for more information on Dutch doctorates? The website  Study in NL provides a handy overview on pursuing a PhD in the Netherlands.

Published by  HR 3 January 2024