If you enjoy your work, are energised by it and can cooperate meaningfully with your colleagues you will be better equipped to overcome any professional challenges, both now and in the future. This is why AUAS invests in the vitality of its employees.

New technological developments are making it easier to work wherever, whenever and however you want to. AUAS employees also have the opportunity to arrange their work flexibly, for example by working from home. We offer these options in order to help you achieve a healthy balance between your work and leisure activities and between your professional and private life.


AUAS has introduced various regulations to help you combine your work and private life more easily. For example, employees can make use of paid or unpaid parental leave and various other leave arrangements.

You can also choose to combine teaching with a job in the professional field. At AUAS we are ultimately preparing students for professional practice. The ability to share work experiences with students is a great asset for any teacher.


Education is a dynamic environment that is constantly changing. This makes working at a university of applied sciences an enjoyable and unique experience, but can also lead to high workloads. AUAS actively invests in the vitality of its employees by addressing issues such as workload, work-life balance and team relationships. We also offer opportunities to improve your vitality through time management training, career development programmes, individual coaching and mindfulness.

Published by  HR 1 November 2021