Amsterdam School of International Business

Introducing the Alumni Advisory Board

During the last few years, AMSIB has been focusing on establishing and strengthening engagement with alumni by implementing a different set of activities. One of these activities was to value the input from our alumni to continuously improve the quality of AMSIB’s education.

In order to adhere their respected input, we launched our Alumni Advisory Board (AAB), consisting of an international and diverse group of alumni who are working in different industries to share their input and giving advice regarding the demands of international business perspectives and the link to education.

We are thrilled to introduce our motivated board members; Anne de Vries, Julian Lozano, Timo de Putter, Samira Mellenbergh, and Elise Stedenburg.

Anne de Vries

Julian Lozano

Timo de Putter

Samira Mellenbergh

Elise Stedenburg

Published by  Amsterdam School of International Business 17 February 2023