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Collaborative Research With Practitioners: Research Journeys & Methodological Innovations


Collaborative research methods such as action research and engaged scholarship are seen as one way for research to impact practice. Scholars engaged in such research face several opportunities and challenges that often do not make into academic publications, and yet hold valuable insights.

In this symposium, we will unpack the research journeys of academics who have been involved in projects with practitioners as knowledge partners. This symposium's objectives are twofold.

First, we will showcase the diversity in research design across our panelists and discuss potential traps as researchers balance rigour with relevance.

Second, we will discuss specific research strategies such as relational reflexivity and researcher vulnerability (Bjørkeng, Carlsen, & Rhodes, 2014) that push the frontiers of research methodologies.

Reference Sharma, G., Rynes, S. L., Bertels, S., Carlsen, A., & Divito De Paauw , L. (2018). Collaborative Research With Practitioners: Research Journeys & Methodological Innovations. Abstract from 78th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management , Chicago, United States.
Published by  Centre for Economic Transformation 1 August 2018

Publication date

Aug 2018


Garima Sharma
Sara L. Rynes
Stephanie Bertels
Arne Carlsen


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