Lukas with (business) parter Carmen

Lukas (29) graduated from Sport Studies - track ISMB in 2019. He is half German, half polish and just recently moved to Lisbon, Portugal, where he is planning to build the next phase of his life.

Without the past learnings, growth and also struggle I wouldn’t be able to think and act like I do today.

Alumnus - Sport Studies - track ISMB

Why did you choose to study Sport Studies - track ISMB?

'I chose this programme because I liked the focus on the community of international people and the curriculum. The practical part of the classes showed me how I could apply the knowledge. That it is more than just studying theory. Besides that, I wanted to move to a new city and Sport Studies gave a me very welcoming and inviting feeling after I visited the open day.'

What did you like most about Sport Studies - track ISMB?

'It’s all about the people! I have made friends for life! I also liked the variety of subjects and the fact that the main goal of every class was personal growth by pushing me out of my comfort zone.'

What did you do after graduating?

'I started at a renowned sports marketing agency – WWP Weirather-Wenzel & Partner- in the sponsorship department. I worked there for almost 5 years and became an expert in the field of sport sponsorships. I was able to work with big clients and football clubs in Germany, organise international sports events and travel to various cool destinations in Europe.'

What are you doing now?

'Currently I am building my second company. I have already built an E-Commerce/retail business in Germany. And now I moving on with a sourcing/production agency for Portuguese goods. Something completely different than sports – but that’s the entrepreneur in me.'

Pop up shop in Dusseldorf

What skills/lessons from Sport Studies -track ISMB do you use on a daily basis?

'That there is always a solution! I remember a class where we were sitting in the back and were supposed to walk to the front. You could go either left, through the middle or to the right. Some ways were blocked; some ways took longer but at the end there was always a way to the front. This is such a small but valuable lesson – especially as an entrepreneur when every day brings new challenges.'

What are you proud of?

'The person I have become. There are many things I am proud of in regards to work achievements. However, the foundation for this ‘success’ is my personality and mindset. Without the past learnings, growth and also struggle I wouldn’t be able to think and act like I do today. With a solid foundation there many more achievements to come!'

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

'I am not able to answer this question. I believe I am most successful when I do things that I truly love and I believe in. After my first years of work, I quit to sell handmade ceramics from Portugal – because that made me the happiest at that point. Maybe I will work in sports or maybe I will start another company. I just want to be happy and enjoy what I do.'

What can the alumni network do for you to facilitate this?

'Just be there as a community and don’t forget our common journey. I prefer to add value to the network rather than ask for support. I would like to meet everyone once a year and I wish everyone does their best to personally grow. This way we can support each other in the best way possible.'