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Open Teaching Materials

Teaching materials are increasingly freely available online and can be used within the concept of blended learning, such as within Canvas. Furthermore, lecturers from all over the world are increasingly sharing their teaching materials via online platforms. Also, publishers of educational work are offering databases with their teaching materials available for a paid license. If you are looking to use digital teaching materials in your teaching then the library can offer assistance in finding them.

Teaching Materials with a Paid License

If you want to use teaching materials that require a fee be paid or a license be taken out, please contact the Library’s information specialist. He or she can assist in finding the digital teaching materials, taking out the license, and offer advice on how to use the material according to the licensing agreement.

Open Teaching Materials

Open teaching materials (or open educational resources which is abbreviated as OER) are digital teaching materials that are freely available online. Copying, editing, and sharing the material is allowed under certain specified conditions (Creative Commons).

There are a number of different types of open teaching materials:

  • Individual teaching materials such as web-lectures or multiple choice questions
  • Compounded teaching materials such as open online courses (e.g., MOOC’s)

More information about open teaching materials can be found in the SURF module Introduction to open educational resources .

Take a look at the platforms on which you can find online courses, ebooks and other materials via the left menu on this page. Here you can also read information about the use of open educational resources, and tips on creating and sharing open educational resources.

Published by  HvA Library 8 April 2021