Diversity and inclusion

Our student body is very diverse. This diversity reflects society in the Amsterdam metropolitan area and the professional environment in which our students and graduates will work in the future. To us, it is a given that our working and learning environment must also be diverse and inclusive. Diversity and inclusion are embedded and integrated into our entire teaching and research portfolio.

Appreciating differences

Our education offers an inspiring learning environment for all of our students in which we can understand and appreciate the differences between us as well as recognising the importance and value of connection. AUAS serves as an engine of emancipation and strives to make every student’s academic career as successful and valuable as possible. We create an environment in which everybody can contribute and optimally develop their personal value and talent.

We train students to become ‘urban professionals’. We equip them with the capacities and tools that they will require to practise their profession within a complex metropolitan environment with a strong international orientation and a plethora of different cultures living and working alongside one another. We therefore encourage ‘Inclusive Internationalisation’ and devote attention to international and intercultural aspects in our education and research programmes. Experience of working and/or studying abroad facilitates the realisation of diversity and adds valuable knowledge and competences to our teaching.

Equal opportunity

At AUAS, we all work together to establish a diverse and inclusive learning and working environment that offers equal opportunities to our staff and reflects the make-up of the regional population and our student body. By displaying positive behaviour, we take our responsibility as peers and are open with and interested in our students, colleagues and partners in the city. We care for each other and together we create a safe environment for learning. We discuss differences, celebrate successes and solve problems.

Diversity and inclusion is anchored into our HR policy. Our staff, faculties and service departments take responsibility and ownership for creating an inclusive organisation within the centrally formulated vision and AUAS-wide frameworks. We also optimally equip them with the skills and tools they need to do this.

Published by  Communication 26 April 2023