Green Office

Green Office AUAS has a core team and a community of AUAS employees who are committed to a sustainable and inclusive university of applied sciences.

In 2019, the strategic sustainability program re-set was launched to give the AUAS a strong boost in its development into a sustainable organisation. The three-year program ran from 2019 to 2021 and focused on making operations, research and education more sustainable. The program had a vibrant network of change agents within the faculties and services, pivotal to the work within the organisational units. Through meetups, events, an online platform and a strong community, this network of change ran right through the AUAS.

The current sustainability programme consists of a core team, Green Office HvA (GO HvA) and a community made up of AUAS employees. As part of re-set, Green Office HvA is a permanent place within the AUAS where everyone who is committed to a sustainable and inclusive university of applied sciences can come together. Here, students and staff work together on tangible actions that have an impact and are committed to making sustainable student initiatives visible, and to helping students and staff connect with each other.

Green Office HvA also organises the GO Game Changers Awards twice a year; an inspiring award ceremony for and by students who have made a positive impact during their studies.

Published by  Communication 8 May 2023