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Global minds, local talent

Are you looking for a new talent to strengthen your team? Your colleagues will thank you for recruiting AMSIB interns or graduates. Internationally comfortable and hands-on business-minded, our students have a lot to offer you.

At AMSIB we take pride in the ‘global mindset’ that our students develop during their time here. We provide a top quality curriculum in business and management and we add a strongly international dimension.

A diverse classroom environment, fully English-language literature and lectures and a heavy emphasis on international experience. Internships with internationally operating companies and exchanges with selected partner universities abroad complement this international outlook.


AMSIB is proud partner of International Talent Event Amsterdam (ITEA) providing a platform for both international students as international companies and organisations to reach out and connect.

Over 40 international companies and organisations participate each year to gain advantages of meeting bright international talent.

Are you ready to benefit from the global talents of our young potentials? Browse through our propositions on the left in internships, business research, case studies, sharing your insights and international networking.

Published by  Amsterdam School of International Business 15 February 2024
Andreia Carita - Intercultural Communication Lecturer

“ We've seen instances where professionals shine in their home markets yet are challenged in foreign arenas.”

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