Centre of Expertise Applied Artificial Intelligence

AI & Sector-specific Applications

Where research, education and professional practice come together

A lot is already happening in the field of Artificial Intelligence at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). The Centre of Expertise consists of several labs, where research is conducted at the interface between AI and an area of application.

A lab is a long-term collaboration between research groups, degree programmes and external partners: commercial businesses, non-profit organisations, the government and academic institutions. For businesses and organisations, a lab (and therefore the Centre of Expertise) is a reliable unit of knowledge: not only is knowledge about AI and Data Science available, that knowledge is also linked to a large number of areas such as technology, media, finance, healthcare and education. Through the Centre of Expertise, organisations can shape knowledge building, innovation and life-long learning.

The activities and results of the labs foster education. Degree programmes and students are involved in the labs through graduation assignments, minors and courses in the curriculum. Through the labs, organisations come into contact with AI talent at both the Bachelor’s and the Master’s level.