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Smart Health and Vitality Lab

Faculties of Health & Sports and Nutrition

Together, we are working towards a future in which technology becomes a matter of course for students and teachers, and contributes to vitality and health. That is what the Smart Health and Vitality Lab is committed to, among other things.

A good example of the use of data in healthcare is the REACH+ project, in which ex-IC patients are monitored in real-time during rehabilitation at home. Twenty COVID-patients are monitored daily during their rehabilitation on their activity, heart rate, oxygen and experienced fatigue, using different sensors (heart rate, PAM-activity and saturation meter). This is done partly automatically via a connection with their own smartphone and partly by entering data. By presenting the large amount of data in a clear dashboard, we can support healthcare providers and patients, and improve care. The next step is to add Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to support decision-making.

Another practical example is the ALO monitor, which monitors various data from students training to be sports teachers. With this data - and the use of AI - we may be able to prevent injuries.

Support with technological tools

With the Smart Health and Vitality Lab, we want to support students, teachers and researchers in the rapid technological developments that also affect the fields of health, exercise, sports and nutrition.

The COVID pandemic has shown that there is a shortage of qualified personnel, so healthcare providers have to provide more care with fewer people. This is only possible by supporting care providers optimally with technological tools. We then use AI to offer the right patients the right care in the right place. In the coming years, we also want to provide high-quality care with an increasing demand due to the ageing population. If we do not invest in technology and AI, this will certainly lead to a healthcare collapse.

In order to bring AI into education and close to teachers and students, it is important that we set up good research projects and that we have an infrastructure to store and analyse (big) data. We are looking for internal cooperation with the Open Science Support Desk of the AUAS, but also with the data centre Sport Data Valley. To make these developments possible, good people with specific knowledge are needed (data-scientists) and we are looking for cooperation with partners.

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