Centre of Expertise Applied Artificial Intelligence

Legal Tech Lab

Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Law

In the Legal Tech Lab (LTL), education and research work on issues at the interface between technology and law, together with twelve partner organisations in the legal practice sector. Artificial Intelligence is used to support legal processes, such as providing advice and concluding contracts, or in the context of legal investigations, such as in the handling of requests under the Public Access to Government Information Act (Wet openbaarheid van bestuur, WOB) or due diligence investigations.

Design thinking (legal service design) is essential in the design and redesign of legal processes by the LTL. Involving all users and interests in the design process ensures that technology is used in a responsible and user-friendly manner and that it is embedded in processes sustainably. AI is a very relevant and topical theme for the law programmes within the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Law (FMR). The modern, practice-oriented legal professionals that FMR wants to train must have knowledge of legal tech: specialist technology for legal practice. Technology is always a means to an end: better legal services. The LTL also works together with other degree programmes in FMR.

Legal tech is associated with a variety of social issues. The use of legal tech has implications for access to justice, a sustainable development goal. It provides opportunities for easier access to funded legal aid and can improve the quality of public services related to legal issues (permits, benefits, allowances, etc.).

There is a great need for knowledge in the area of legal tech among organisations in the legal practice sector. This provides many opportunities for practice-based research. The interaction between research, practice and education makes it possible for legal tech to continue to be a priority area in law programmes of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). In this way, education, research and the partner organisations together develop unique expertise while working on the legal practice of the future.

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