Centre of Expertise Applied Artificial Intelligence

Smart Asset Management Lab

Faculty of Technology

By using AI to make the maintenance of machines, buildings and mobility (infrastructure, logistics and aircraft) predictable, equipment lasts longer and personnel can be scheduled more efficiently. The Smart Asset Management Lab focuses on issues that occur in companies which concern the entire chain of the machine.

The questions can be very specific. For example: What type of sensor can I use to measure the state of my compressor? How can I securely transfer the measurements from my sensors to a database? Can I predict wear and tear of my machine based on electrical current and voltage? The types of questions vary according to the AI maturity of the companies. For example, companies that have already made a lot of progress in terms of AI often have questions about algorithms, based on the data they have collected.

AI would not have a role without a context for application. The Faculty of Technology is where applied AI can be placed in a tangible context. The specific technology and methodology of AI are studied in studios. The prediction of maintenance (predictive maintenance) takes place in real-life situations.

The business community, students and researchers work closely together in the Smart Asset Management Lab. In the initial phase, the lab is concentrating mainly on Circular Transition, Connectivity & Mobility and Smart Industry. There is room to expand to other themes in the future.

After completing their studies, students of the Faculty of Technology may find employment in positions such as:

  • maintenance planner (Aviation and Logistics)
  • statistical analyst (Applied Mathematics)
  • technical services manager (Maritime Officer)
  • engineer (Engineering)

Each of these positions involves AI. Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence should be a basic skill, especially for students of a technical faculty. There must also be room for deepening knowledge.

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