Centre of Expertise Applied Artificial Intelligence

Smart Education Lab

Faculty of Education

With Smart Education, the Faculty of Education is building expertise with regard to learning and teaching with Artificial Intelligence. The Faculty of Education aims to make an active, leading contribution to the development and embedding of evidence-informed, digital educational tools (EdTech) for the professional field and its own higher education. Smart Education stimulates the training of digitally competent lecturers with up-to-date knowledge of digital didactics and educational innovations with Artificial Intelligence.

Technological developments related to AI provide new opportunities to improve education. The ambition of the Smart Education Lab is to use these new technologies to enrich education in a responsible manner.

Smart support for learning needs

The effective use of digital learning environments with an extensive range of digital instructional resources means that personal learning needs can be better supported. This includes adaptive testing and time and location-independent learning, with more ownership and control over one’s own learning process.

New forms of interaction

New possibilities for interaction allow the use of instructional materials that were previously not feasible or too expensive. Examples are Virtual and Augmented Reality, mobile technology, interactive knowledge representations, animations and natural language interfaces. Thanks to these possibilities, we are able to respond better to individual learning needs within education, with the advantages of one-to-one instruction, for which insufficient time and space are available in the classroom setting.

Comprehensive insights

By analysing data (learning analytics), lecturers gain more insight into how and what students learn, and what they need help with. Lessons can be drawn from this about the effectiveness of instructional materials and the design of the learning process (evidence-informed). Smart Education develops expertise in this area by learning from its own projects and research, and from educational practice.

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