Centre of Expertise Applied Artificial Intelligence

Responsible AI Lab

Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries

Responsible AI increases human capabilities and skills and benefits society. What does it look like? The Responsible AI Lab studies AI technology and engages in dialogue about it. The lab makes Artificial Intelligence accessible to everyone: inclusive and diverse. It focuses specifically on the public sector and the creative industry.

AI and data-driven technologies play an increasing role in the design and development of ICT, and therefore also in the Computer Science Department and Communication and Multimedia Design programme of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). This involves gaining both knowledge of and insight into AI technologies. Students learn to apply Artificial Intelligence technology in practice and to be critical in doing so. After all, AI has an impact on society and raises ethical questions.

Data analysis is being used more and more in the communication and media sector (Communication and Creative Business programmes). This makes it possible to personalise news and advertisements and to add texts and images automatically. This also involves ethical questions concerning what is and is not possible with regard to AI and data.

In the fashion industry (Amsterdam Fashion Institute), AI is applied in the design process as well as for manufacturing and logistics. This changes the work of the designer considerably.

AI technologies are developed largely on the basis of a limited number of well-defined issues and data sets. There is a lack of best practices and design patterns for AI, for example in the area of software development. The Responsible AI Lab focuses primarily on the broader question of how we can design meaningful and usable AI applications.

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