Faculty of Sports and Nutrition

Studying at the Faculty of Sports and Nutrition means studying in an active, enthusiastic and informal yet challenging environment, with three degree programmes to choose from: Physical Education, Nutrition and Sport Studies-track International Sports, Management and Business (ISMB). Everywhere you look in and around the faculty, you'll see students practising choreographies, training in the gyms, cooking, and discussing their projects.

Around the world, it has become common to consider sports, nutrition and management in relation to each other, approaching this relationship from a variety of perspectives. The Faculty of Sports and Nutrition is on the front line of this development, but also constantly looking ahead to new emerging trends in the professional field - for example, by setting up an interdisciplinary, international minor in Creating Food Concepts in Europe.


Amsterdam and its complex urban life play a major role in the Faculty of Sports and Nutrition's drive to contribute to its wider community. For example, the faculty takes part in projects, research and refresher courses at schools, neighbourhood associations, businesses, sports clubs and other organisations. In many cases, we work together with the University of Amsterdam, City of Amsterdam and other local parties.

Similarly, the businesses and schools where our students do internships are strongly focused on Amsterdam. Through our internships and research, the Faculty of Sports and Nutrition is therefore contributing to the implementation of the City's policy aims for sports, fitness, vitality, tackling obesity and more. The faculty also places a specific emphasis on issues of metropolitan importance, seeking to develop practical solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

Dr. Meurerhuis location

The Faculty of Sports and Nutrition is established in the Dr. Meurerhuis building. Eye-catching, dynamic and with a character all its own, this modern building is light and functional, connecting the school and its activities with the surrounding area in a variety of ways. The green roof makes the building appear to dissolve into the surrounding sports fields, and the use of lots of glass gives passers-by a glimpse at the various activities inside. Large enough to bring together classrooms, study islands, sports halls, sport fields and a gym, the building also manages to retain a personal scale.

Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 8 November 2023