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Visualising the impact of research

In order to guarantee the quality of research , researchers at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences are obliged to demonstrate the impact of their (intended) research during periodic assessments, but also in grant applications. With impact it is meant: The effect (in Dutch: de doorwerking ) of research on 1) education and professionalization, 2) the (professional) practice and the society and 3) knowledge sharing and scientific development.

The traditional way to visualise the impact on knowledge sharing and scientific development is via bibliometric data. These are the number of publications, the number of citations of a publication, the Journal Impact Factor, etc. However, another way to give an indication of the possible impact on peers and other interested parties is not with traditional indicators such as the number of citations, but with alternative metrics, also known as altmetrics. This alternative way of measuring impact shows how often, where and when publications (such as an article, report, dataset) are mentioned in a news outlet or policy document, on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, etc. Alternative metrics show the number of these mentions.

Altmetric Explorer

The Library offers a tool that analyses the altmetrics of publications (article, dataset, chapter of a book, report, etc.): the Altmetric Explorer from Besides the number of mentions, the Altmetric Explorer also gives information about who is saying exactly what about the publication.

The Altmetric Explorer is linked to the Pure database : all your verified publications are automatically displayed in the Explorer.

Access to the Altmetric Explorer

  • Go to the Altmetric website and log in with your HvA ID.
  • The Altmetric Explorer is also accessible outside the HvA domain.


  1. Ensure that all your publications are in the PURE CRIS system . This way your dashboard will be up to date.
  2. Do you use social media? Always use the DOI for articles or the ISBN for books. This ensures that your research is trackable by the Altmetric Explorer.
  3. Open Access publications are also for non-academic readers accessible. This encourages public engagement.

Altmetric Explorer Support

  • Please visit to access their support page on how to use Altmetic Explorer. Logged in to Altmetric? Then click on the question mark.
  • Do you need help with the Explorer, even after reading the support page? Please contact Hanneke van der Veen, see her contact details.
Published by  HvA Library 19 April 2022