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Citation Styles

To refer to sources you use a specific method, a reference style.

  • Most courses at the AUAS follow the APA style.
  • The AUAS Faculty of Health uses the Vancouver style.

There are also other guidelines and styles for mentioning the source. Ask your programme which style you should use.

What Is APA?

The APA Style was developed by the American Psychological Association (APA). It is the most important citation style for the social sciences and is also widely used in other disciplines.

At most AUAS Faculties the use of the APA Style for referencing sources is obligatory. As of the academic year 2021/2022, the 7th edition of the APA guidelines is the new standard.

Do you want to know how to apply the APA citation style for a webpage, a book or for personal communication? Watch the knowledge clips available on YouTube .

Do you want to practice the APA citation style? Take the online Searchlight APA course in Brightspace .

Want to know how to list sources for AI-generated content? Check the webpage AI generated content in APA style for more information.

More information

English guidelines

Dutch guideluines

For information about the Dutch guidelines please visit the Dutch version of our website.

Using APA 6

Are you still using APA 6?

The APA Style Blog 6th Edition Archive will remain available for some time. The official publication manuals for the 6th edition are still available in the library.

Watch the knowledge clips on YouTube

What is Vancouver?

The Vancouver style is a numerical citation style, mostly used in medical literature. Each citation is given a number, following the order of the citations in the text: the first citation in your text is (1) and the second (2) and so on.

This style has a number of variations; you can use round brackets (1) for the in-text citations or square brackets [1], superscript1 and even combinations[1] - just be consequent throughout your text. Some Vancouver styles use the full title of the journal, others use an abbreviation instead.

If you’re not sure what version of the Vancouver style is most suitable, ask for guidance from your lecturers.

The Vancouver style in detail:

Published by  HvA Library 13 July 2023