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Citation Tools

Various tools are available to correctly create references in your documents. These citation tools are both convenient and timesaving. Choose the tool that best suits the job you wish to do.

Choose your way of citing and referencing.

  • Keep it simple

Would you prefer the easiest way to create just a few references in your text? In this case, make sure that you at least use the preferred citation guideline of your Programme.

  1. Use a reference such as Leidraad Juridische auteurs or the book Cite them Right.
  2. Choose an online reference generator such as Scribbr or Cite this for me .
  3. The library catalogue: many library databases as well as Google Scholar offer a citation button (displayed as quotation marks). Clicking this button will create a correct reference in accordance with various citation styles which you can then copy into your text.

  • Use what you have already got

Would you like to create correct references easily, in the APA style for instance? In this case, use your preferred word processing program such as MS Word or Google Docs.

Writing and instantly inserting your references into your text is a convenient way of working. Do you have only a small number of references and don’t mind adding your references manually? Use the tab References in MS Word or the tab Tools > Citations in Google Docs.

Please note: The Vancouver citation style is not available in MS Word and Google Docs by default and it is not possible to adjust the available citation styles. Therefore, consider the use of a citation management program.

  • The real thing (recommended for theses writing)

Do you use a lot of literature, for example for writing your thesis or for research? In this case, familiarize yourself with the more extensive software tools, known as citation management or reference management software tools. By using these, you avoid making errors while saving a lot of time.

A citation management tool makes it possible to import references straight from a search or a PDF file. They include useful plug-ins to insert references into MS Word or Google Docs and offer the option to sort, share and deduplicate your references. You can adapt any reference style according to the guidelines of your Programme.

  • Import references from library databases, catalogues and websites
  • Organize your sources and share them with others
  • Add full text articles
  • Add citations to your documents
  • Create reference lists

AUAS students and staff can use RefWorks until July 2022 after which it will no longer be available. Make sure that you switch to another tool in time. Discover more about RefWorks.

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Published by  HvA Library 30 November 2020