Service card

As an external employee or supplier, you can obtain a service card for a shorter period of time. This will allow you to get free coffee and tea, without requiring an AUAS login account. You will also need the card for access.

Please note that employees with an AUAS login account cannot request a service card.

Requesting a service card

You can request a service card at a service point at your location. The card will be activated there when it is issued. The card should be returned at the end of the day, and the next day you can pick up a new one.

The service card can be used for:

  • accessing rooms and bicycle parking facilities within the AUAS. If the card does not provide the desired access, it is not correctly authorised. Go to a service point to have the service card properly configured;
  • access to an AUAS car par or parking area. A service card does not automatically grant access to the parking facilities at the AUAS. If you would like to be authorised for parking, you can submit a parking request to the contact person within the relevant office, service or faculty;
  • getting free coffee and tea. These budgets are added automatically;
  • use of electronic pigeonholes in the Benno Premsela, Kohnstamm and Wibaut buildings.

What can I do in case of loss, theft or damage?

  • If you lose your card or if it is stolen or damaged, you can request a replacement card at the location’s service point. The old card will be blocked and you will be given a replacement service card immediately.
  • Recovered cards can be unblocked at the service point upon presentation of a valid form of identification.
12 August 2022