Instructions for Mac

  • Click on the WiFi icon.
  • Connect to the ‘HvA Open Wi-Fi’ network
  • Your internet browser will open automatically, otherwise open one yourself and select 'Verbinden'. By clicking on 'Verbinden', you will accept the terms.
  • Go back to home.
  • Open your Internet browser and go to
  • At the left, enter: AUAS ID +
  • Click 'Login now' at the bottom
  • Now wait until all the files have been downloaded
  • Select 'Installeren'.
  • Enter your own AUAS password (up to three times) and select 'OK (up to three times)'.
  • Enter your own MAC password and select 'OK'.
  • Click the WiFi icon and select 'hva' or 'eduroam'.
  • Now, whenever you enter the AUAS, you will be connected to the AUAS wireless network (WiFi) 'hva' or 'eduroam'.
Published by  ICT Services 16 July 2018