Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Right of Complaint

The legal protection of students, extraneous students and observers does not only cover the possibility of conducting proceedings with the Higher Education Appeals Tribunal and the Examination Appeals Board or the court but also the possibility of lodging a complaint.

1. Various kinds of complaints regulations

In addition to a General Complaints Regulation the college also has a Special Complaints Regulation. Special Complaints Regulations are intended for the treatment of complaints on specific matters of which it is found necessary to take particular steps. Special Complaints Regulations are included in:

2. General Complaints Regulations

Should a student be affected directly in his or her interest by the decision of a body or member of staff of the college, or by the action of a co-student or an employee, the student has the right to complain about such to the Institute Council or the Executive Board.

3. When the General Complaints Regulations do not apply

It is not possible to complain on decisions for which a Special Complaints Regulation exists or for which a separate procedure of objection or appeal has been undertaken.

4. The period in which a complaint can be made

The complaint is to be made without delay but not more than 30 days after the decision concerned has been taken or the action concerned has been accomplished. The accused will be informed regarding the complaint and given the opportunity to oppose the same.

5. Result of the investigation

The person lodging the complaint will be informed regarding the results of the investigation commenced arising from the complaint. No appeal is possible against such decision.

6. Where to be found in the Student Charter

The General Complaints Regulations are to be found in article 9 of the Student Charter.

Published by  Legal Affairs 24 August 2017