Talent Development

AUAS is a modern, learning organisation and is constantly evolving. We offer an ideal environment for passionate employees who want to realise their talents and ambitions and advance their field or profession to the highest possible level.

Knowledge sharing, learning from one another, and new sources of inspiration are essential in ensuring the quality and improvement of our education. AUAS also strives to ensure that all employees have the opportunity to continuously learn and evolve, and offers every opportunity for professional development. The AUAS Academy offers a wide range of courses and workshops aimed at encouraging professionalisation and knowledge development. A selection of these is also offered in English.


The professionalism of our lecturers is key to the quality of all education provided to students. AUAS expects its lecturers to develop and maintain their didactic skills and share their knowledge with colleagues. AUAS offers newly appointed lecturers the opportunity to obtain a teaching qualification.


AUAS also offers lecturers the opportunity to obtain a doctorate.

Published by  HR 3 January 2024