Annual reporting at the AUAS

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences's (AUAS) general annual report documents its progress towards achieving its strategic objectives as a higher education institution.

In 2022, 6,823 students graduated from the AUAS with a degree. And some 12,239 new students attended the AUAS for the very first time as they started a degree programme. We established six new degree programmes and our researchers secured over EUR 12.8 million in external research funding.

These figures stem from the AUAS's annual report for 2022. This report is more than just facts and figures however. It also includes background information on key educational and research developments and charts our activities related to the three dimensions of our Strategic Plan: diversity, sustainability and digitalisation.

Read the annual report

The 2022 version of the report is available as a website. A PDF version of the report is also available. Please note that both of these publications are in Dutch. If you are looking for older versions of the AUAS Annual Report you can find those on our Dutch website.

Annual reports on social safety

The AUAS seeks to be an inclusive university of applied sciences, where all students and staff feel welcome, at home, challenged and safe and provided with equal opportunities.

The AUAS has developed several initiatives to this end, such as increasing the number of confidential advisers and improving the provision of information for students and employees. The AUAS is also providing more professionalisation opportunities for employees and managers. We have organised discussions for students with the Equal Play Foundation and the Time Out Foundation (Stichting Gelijk Spel and Stichting Time Out), partly as a response to Amnesty International's signing of its manifesto against sexual violence in December 2022.

In consultation with students and staff, a new version of the Code of Conduct will come into force in the 2023-2024 academic year.

The AUAS launched a campaign on social safety, including information posters and stickers, at the end of August 2023. After scanning a QR code, students and employees can visit an internal site with information, tips and help on social safety Responsible behaviour ( ( log in with AUAS ID).

We publish annual reports on social safety and wellbeing, which you can read below (in English).

Published by  Communication 16 November 2023