Higher education is inseparable from applied research and professional practice. Applied research is a means by which the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), as a knowledge institution, directly contributes to innovations in the professional field. We tackle urban issues through our solution-focused research, which is primarily in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. We also make an impact internationally through our network of international partners and collaborative projects abroad.

Centres of Expertise

Societal issues are complex by nature and require a collaborative approach in which researchers from different disciplines work together with educators, citizens and external parties. AUAS has been doing just this since 2020 through its so-called Centres of Expertise (CoE), each with their own specialism.

  • Applied Artificial Intelligence
  • City Net Zero
  • Creative Innovation
  • Economic Transformation
  • Urban Education
  • Urban Governance and Social Innovation
  • Urban Vitality

Centres of Expertise encourage interdisciplinary cooperation between research groups from different faculties across the AUAS. We develop the CoEs according to the CoE framework provided by the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (VH).

Collaborative research: diverse and international

Within our diverse research groups, lecturers and researchers, PhD candidates and students work together under the direction of a professor, contributing to AUAS's urban expertise in our CoEs. We have plenty of international research projects and are a founding member of the European network of higher education institutions, U!REKA.

Research workforce





Researcher; Lecturer and Researcher (double role)

Candidates for professional doctorate (starting in 2023) n/a
Doctoral students 75
Post-doc 2
Research assistance and support 89



Published by  Communication 25 July 2023