Security (ICT-security)

As an employee or supplier, you are expected to treat all business information (research data, students' personal data, and so on) with due care. Below and via the menu on the left, we offer rules to help you ensure digital security at work.

1. Make sure to have good basic security. This includes at least antivirus software, a firewall and the most recent software updates.

2. Never leave your computer, laptop or tablet unattended. Lock your screen any time you are away for any length of time. On a Windows OS, press the short cut key combination Ctrl-Alt-Delete or the Windows key +L(ock).

3. Create a unique, strong password for your accounts. Change your password at least once a year and never share it with anyone.

4. Watch out for phishing and ransomware (spam). Learn to recognise suspicious emails before it's too late, using these tips.

5. Store your data safely, especially documents, data and personal details belonging to the AUAS. Always make regular back-ups.

6. Also secure your mobile phone and tablet.

7. Always use a secure connection when using open Wi-Fi networks (in the train, café, etc.). Without a secure connection, others can track your every move! Preferably use a secure VPN to connect to the AUAS systems.

Do you use Wi-Fi within the AUAS buildings? Then choose the secured networks eduroam or uva.

8. Are you an employee and did you lose your laptop or smartphone with AUAS data? Report the loss immediately to the ICTS Service Desk via or 020-5951402.

9. Adhere to the AUAS ICT Code of Conduct

10. Have you discovered a vulnerability? See Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure for how to report it.

Published by  ICT Services 30 June 2022