Welcome to the AUAS

You recently signed your employment contract and are now – or soon will be – our new colleague. Welcome! You won't be able to access the AUAS intranet just yet, so we provide some essential information here in the meantime.

Everything you need to know about working at the AUAS.

We are a big organisation, so we need to make sure that all our procedures are followed safely and consistently by our employees.

AUAS organises two orientation meetings a year for all new employees, during which the board and/or department heads have the opportunity to introduce themselves in person. You will be informed about this ahead of the meetings.

See Organisation for an overview of the AUAS' organisational structure.

Executive Board
The Executive Board is responsible for the day to day running of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Amongst other partners, AUAS collaborates with the University of Amsterdam. The AUAS and University of Amsterdam had a joint Executive Board from 2003 to 2017 and still have some shared service departments.

Departments and faculties
AUAS has close to 50,000 students (studying at one of our seven faculties), many Centres of Expertise for applied research activities, a FLOOR debate centre , and several libraries . AUAS is also comprised of various policy offices and central service departments (information in Dutch).

Most of our locations and faculties are located near the Wibautstraat, which has the Amstel Campus at its heart. The Faculty of Health is located at the AMC, while the Faculty of Sports and Nutrition is located in Amsterdam West because of the available sports facilities in the vicinity. Our Business Campus is located in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost.

The position for which you have been hired is broadly described in a Hay job profile. Check the Job Matrix for an overview of all positions and salary scales. Salary levels vary depending on the position and your knowledge and experience. All employees will be remunerated according to a salary scale defined in the collective labour agreement for universities of applied sciences (CAO-HBO). All job families and profiles can be found in the Employee A-Z list under Job Profiles (Hay)*.

Digital Service Point If you have any questions about your payslip, travel expenses, expense claims or would like to change any of your details (such as your bank account number), you can easily pass this on through the Administration Centre Digital Service Point*

*please note that these links are available in the Staff A-Z, which you will be able to access from your first day at work.

Travel expenses
All AUAS locations can be easily reached by public transport. AUAS' reimbursement policy for home-to-work travel is designed to encourage the use of public transport and bicycles.

AUAS will reimburse part of your home-to-work travel expenses. Several types of home-to-work travel are eligible for reimbursement. It is for you to decide which form of reimbursement will best fit your circumstances. For example, employees that choose to use an NS Business Card, will receive a 100% reimbursement for any travel by public transport.

See the Travel expenses section on the staff intranet for more information on the conditions, options and application procedure.

​In addition to the possibility of purchasing a bicycle with tax benefits, AUAS also offers employees another option: the AUAS bicycle. An AUAS bicycle is a bike you use to commute to the workplace on more than half of the days you work. AUAS will reimburse the costs of an AUAS bicycle under the terms of the Regulation on Commuting Expenses Reimbursement Scheme. You can find all the information you need about the AUAS bicycle, the option of buying a bicycle with tax benefits and the possibility of borrowing a 'service bike' in the Bicycles section of the Staff A-Z list on the intranet*. You can use a service bike to travel between the various locations.

Bicycle parking
Most AUAS locations have a bicycle parking facility* for both staff and students. Some locations have a locked staff bicycle shed and/or a locked student bicycle shed. For more information, visit the Customer Service Desk* at your location.

Key and access
Depending on the location, you will be issued with a key, RFID key tag or AUAS Staff ID Card. These provide access to your own workplace, classrooms and project rooms, storage spaces and other areas. You will receive your Staff ID Card* after uploading your passport photo. You will need to fill in a form in order to receive a key or RFID key tag, which can be found under Access rights and keys*. You can also use your AUAS Staff ID to get free coffee, tea, photocopies and prints, and to open electronic mailboxes and lockers at most locations.

Additional information: Opening hours, Food and Drinks*, Accessibility

*this information is available in the Staff A-Z, which you will be able to access from your first day at work.

Blended working means working independently of a workstation, device, time, system or filing cabinet. It involves a combination of working at an AUAS location and working at home or at another location outside the AUAS. So how is this set up at the AUAS?

Facilities for blended working

You can use your AUAS laptop to access all your AUAS programs and files from within and outside the university. Microsoft 365 allows you to work together with others, both inside and outside the AUAS, easily and securely. In order to ensure digital security at all locations, we use a secure connection via VPN and two-factor verification is required for many applications. Apps.hva.nl (Citrix) gives you safe and easy access to all your files and AUAS applications on practically any (personal) device, such as your home computer, smartphone or tablet.


Once your details have been processed by the Personnel and Salary Administration (PSA), you will be issued an AUAS ID. You will receive this at your private email address. Your AUAS ID gives you access to various ICT facilities.


In addition to an AUAS ID, you will also receive an AUAS mailbox and email address. For email, use Outlook (only from your AUAS laptop) or Webmail. For Webmail, go to outlook.office.com. Webmail and Outlook are linked, which means that your sent and received emails can always be accessed from both systems.


As an employee, you can use your own AUAS ID and password to access the secure wireless network of the AUAS at all AUAS locations. Go to wifiportal.hva.nl to use this network on your personal smartphone, laptop or tablet.


Your AUAS ID also gives you access to MyAUAS (MijnHvA), a flexible web environment (intranet) that offers all kinds of tools and functions to support learning, teaching, research and work. MyAUAS gives you access to applications such as the Digital Service Point for Employees, the Student Information System (SIS) and Webmail. Among other things, it also has announcements, news items and a link to the A-Z list with practical information.

Software at a reduced price

The ICT web shop SURFspot allows AUAS employees to buy software for their personal computer at a reduced price.

Things that are good to arrange and know in advance.

ABP (General Civilian Pension Fund) is the pension fund for employees in the government and education sectors. As of now, you will automatically accrue pension rights at ABP. If you are considering transferring your pension to or from ABP, you can apply for a value transfer statement from the ABP. You must submit this application within 6 months of starting work at AUAS. If you agree with this statement and both ABP and the other pension insurer have a satisfactory financial position, the value transfer will be finalised. This process can take an unspecified amount of time. Up-to-date information and the application form can be found on the ABP website, which also features English language information on pensions.

Group health insurance policy
AUAS employees have a choice between three group health insurers: Zilveren Kruis , Zorg en Zekerheid and Avéro Achmea (restitution policy). This is not mandatory, however. You can participate in a group insurance scheme if you cancel your policy with your current insurer before the end of the calendar year. Regardless of whether you participate in the group health insurance, you will receive a gross annual amount of €300, in proportion to the scope of your employment contract.

Didactic training and teaching qualifications
The AUAS Academy offers various didactic courses and training programmes. The compulsory Didactic Introduction Course is provided to lecturers with and without teaching experience at the start of the academic and calendar year. Lecturers without an official qualification will also be granted an average of two years to obtain their teaching qualification (depending on the agreements reached during the terms of employment meeting). Although the AUAS Academy is not involved in this process, it can provide you with further information.

Personnel and Salary Administration (PSA)
The Digital Service Point for Employees (DSPM) is the go-to portal for a host of employee issues, including applications for travel expenses reimbursement. You can find the DSPE* in the A-Z list.

Annual timetable and procedure for taking leave/holidays
As you can see in the annual timetable, an academic year consists of five blocks. You must always obtain the approval of your supervisor for time off. Certain faculties have reached specific agreements with their Representative Advisory Councils regarding the leave arrangement for the current year. Your supervisor can provide you more information on these agreements. Leave days can be registered with the Leave Planner in DSPE (Digital Service Point for Employees).

*this link refers to the intranet, which you will be able to access from your first day at work.

Calculation of holiday entitlement

The AUAS has an annual workload of 1659 hours (full-time) in accordance with the Dutch higher professional education (HBO) system. Your total number of leave hours will depend on the scope of your employment (FTE) and the length of your working week (36, 38 or 40 hours). Since the scope of employment and structure of the working week vary from employee to employee, it is difficult to unequivocally state how much leave each employee will be entitled to. This is why AUAS uses the Leave Planner* in DSPE, which makes it easy to calculate and keep track of your leave entitlements.

The calculation applied to determine your leave balance will take account of public holidays and mandatory days off as determined by the Executive Board.

According to the Childcare Act (2007), all employers are now obliged to contribute to the cost of childcare for working parents by means of a premium payment. Parents can apply for a childcare allowance from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (information in Dutch).

Trade union dues
If you are a member of a trade union* (Dutch info) affiliated with the Federation of Dutch Trade Unions (FNV) (such as AOB and ABVA/KABO, CNV Onderwijs or UNIENFTO/CMHF (pursuant to appendix IV of the CAO-HBO), you may submit your annual statement (contribution) through the DSPE: your trade union dues will then be deducted from your taxable gross end-of-year bonus. This will result in a slightly higher net end-of-year bonus. The unions send their members an annual statement or form at the start of each academic year.

Vitality and fitness in the workplace
Being able to do your job feeling healthy and fit is absolutely crucial! To that end, AUAS offers various services, including coaching, fitness and sports activities. However, illness cannot always be prevented and will sometimes last longer than expected. The AUAS Incapacity Policy (due to illness) sets out specific procedures for you, your supervisor and the occupational physician on dealing with absence due to illness and on how to collaborate to ensure your recovery.

If you are too sick to work, be sure to call your supervisor before 9:30. If you are unable to phone, then please send your supervisor a WhatsApp message or an email. You must also register your sickness report in the Digital Service Point for Employees (DSPE).

Vitality programmes
AUAS is committed to sustainable employability and vitality, and is investing in opportunities and tools to allow employees to maximise their physical and mental fitness and vitality. To this end, we offer a broad range of facilities to help our employees improve and gain more insight into their vitality. For example, you are entitled to make use of various online and offline training courses, coaching programmes and physical interventions. You can also participate in various sports at a special discount.

All AUAS employees can get a free flu shot in October. Details will be published in advance in the AUAS newsletter.

Additional information

Published by  HR 3 January 2024