Centre for Applied Research of the Faculty on Digital Media & Creative Industries

Creative Industries Lab

The creative industries enrich daily life in many ways. Communication agencies use image and word to give clear identities to services, government initiatives and businesses. Media-makers and artists use image and story to present their own points-of-view. In short, the creative industries brings colour to our world – and the Creative Industries Lab does research on how they do this.

Together with partners from the field, CoECI's researchers, teachers and students undertake research related to the innovation strategies behind how creative industries realise economic, cultural and social value.

The most important questions we seek to answer are threefold:

- How do businesses, governments and other organisations create added economic, social and cultural value through symbolic products and services?
- How do users, consumers and citizens regard these products and services in their daily lives?
How are these products and services used and experienced? What meaning are they given?
- What stories and images appear in the media, politics, science and education, related to the activities of makers, operators and users of symbolic products and services? And what role do these stories play within the creative industry ecosystem?

Influenced by digitalisation and globalisation, the manner in which value is created and experienced is highly subject to change. That’s why the Creative Industries Lab gives special attention to digitalisation and globalisation in its research.

We use both quantitative and qualitative forms of data collection and analysis. We also rely heavily on the experiences of those involved and work closely with the intended operator and user.

17 December 2020

Dominique van Ratingen

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