Centre for Applied Research of the Faculty on Digital Media & Creative Industries

Connect education, research and professional practice

Society is changing at a rapid pace as a consequence of digitisation, with companies, government bodies and individuals often needing to radically adapt their existing working methods and strategies as a result.

Since the effects of this reverberate in the professional field of the creative industry, the Centre for Applied Research of the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) intends to play an active role in this process.

The Centre for Applied Research focuses on developing new digital technologies and media, and on their application in urban society. The aim is to contribute to improving quality of life and to decrease the pressure on our planet. This ambition requires a strong connection between applied research and professional practice.

Future professionals

The faculty trains critical and creative professionals who in future will work in the creative industry and play a role in various transition processes. To this end, students are increasingly being involved in research processes and are learning how to apply solution-focused and applied research methods from the creative industry. In this way, we are constantly strengthening the connection between teaching and research. Creating active communities of researchers and lecturers around specific fields of expertise, such as blockchain and VR, also contributes to this. In addition, together with partners from the business world and society – including care institutions, publishing companies, the City of Amsterdam and creative industry agencies – we are working on innovating professional practice.

24 October 2019