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MediaLAB Amsterdam

MediaLAB Amsterdam is a design lab for applied research on the cutting-edge between creativity and technology. Fourth year HBO and WO students work in international multidisciplinary teams to confront current questions from the creative industries and beyond. This process results in a media application prototype that has the potential to be developed into a viable product.

Together with players in the field and other knowledge institutions, MediaLAB Amsterdam organises and facilitates projects that bring together talented students to take on ambitious design challenges. For one semester, national and international students in their last phase of education work in multidisciplinary teams on applied research related to the cutting-edge between creativity and technology – while being coached by experts from the field. The programme puts research, the user and co-creation with stakeholders at the centre, as students confront current issues facing the creative industries. The end result is a working prototype for an innovative media application, which has the potential to be developed into a fully functioning product or service.

MediaLAB Amsterdam is always in search of innovative solutions. By bringing together HBO-ers, academics, makers and thinkers, a ‘just do it’ culture is created where experimentation leads. In this way, it becomes clear at an early stage of confronting a problem what chances, risks and conceptual challenges are involved. For businesses, the lab offers the opportunity to develop a project with young and talented creatives. MediaLAB Amsterdam has an expansive network that includes close associations with lecturers from Amsterdamse Hogeschool. Independent and flexible, the Lab delivers relevant input for education, research and the field – in Amsterdam and beyond.

Cisco has recently become the Lab Industry Leader for MediaLAB Amsterdam for a three-year period.

More information: medialab.hva.nl.


On January 21, 2015 MediaLAB Amsterdam students presented their projects on the final exposition (September 2014 - January 2015).

3 June 2015

Dominique van Ratingen

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