Centre for Applied Research of the Faculty of Digital Media & Creative Industries

Event Lab

The goal of Event Lab is to highlight the social and economic value created by live cultural events and to strengthen this sector as a whole. Specifically, we want to provide (future) professionals with the knowledge, skills and experience to help keep the sector robust in the face of any future developments – no matter how disruptive these may be.

The Event Lab wants to show the added value of live cultural events and make sure this value is maintained in the face of disruptive technological developments, changing media usage and evolving consumer behaviour.

In the lab, research is done to develop tools and methods to help sector professionals produce and develop better events. Three research questions are dominant:

Who is the visitor and what are their decision-making processes, experiences and evaluations behind the event visit?
What influences does an event organisation have on a visitor choosing to go to the event, as well on their personal value appraisal, overall experience and end evaluation?
What relationship is there between the individual worth and the greater social worth of an event?

The Event Lab coordinates the activities of the three participating colleges and our partners. We also start-up promising projects, and function as a recognised contact point for education, research and industry.

3 June 2015

Dominique van Ratingen

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