Centre for Applied Research of the Faculty on Digital Media & Creative Industries

Interaction & Games Lab

The Interaction & Games Lab strives to build on, validate and share applicable knowledge in the areas of videogames and game design.

Within the Amsterdam Creative Industries Network, the Lab is the hub for researchers and teaching staff from the diverse lectureships and departments of Amsterdam colleges that are applying game-related activities.

The Lab also serves as a junction between industry, education/research institutions and other organisations (e.g. museums, healthcare, media producers) interested in employing game-related applications.

Within the dynamics of Interaction & Games Lab, practical questions are coupled with existing knowledge from different perspectives (game design, game theory, media theory etc.). Partners from the industry are then actively involved in the resulting research and associated educational projects.

3 June 2015

  D.M.C. van Ratingen (Dominique)

Program manager Centre of Expertise for Creative Innovation

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