Centre for Applied Research of the Faculty on Digital Media & Creative Industries

Fashion Technology Lab

Fashion is about how clothing and accessories continually adapt to the changing outside world and our human inner-world. The Fashion Technology Lab focuses on this process through the lenses of specific specialisations: industrial design, physiology, kinematics, philosophy and cultural studies. Innovative research is undertaken with a variety of partners.

The lab’s research has three accents: Fashion Identity, Smart Clothing and Virtual Design. Fashion Identity focuses on factors such as cultural background, social status and location when it comes to defining the identity of a person wearing certain clothes. With Smart Clothing, sensors are used and actuators are experimented with – providing the wearer with new experiences and information. Fashion Technology Lab also works with a 3D scanner. In Virtual Designing, a body is copied and then directly designed for using a CAD-environment.

3 June 2015

Dominique van Ratingen

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