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Career Portal

The Career Portal was created to match corporations with talented and eager young talents. To find your perfect candidate send in your internship or thesis vacancy.

Steps to upload job/ thesis/internship opportunities:

1. To access the platform for the first time, click on: create new user

2. Go to: Job Ad-Create job ad

3. Fill out the vacancy details

Note for Application link*, if the application needs to be sent to an email address, Mail to: needs to be included before the email address. It is advisable to also include this information in the job description as well

4. On our end, an administrator will approve your advertisement

5. Within 5 minutes of approval, your opportunity becomes live

Published by  Amsterdam School of International Business 2 October 2023
Andreia Carita - Intercultural Communication Lecturer

“ We've seen instances where professionals shine in their home markets yet are challenged in foreign arenas.”

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