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Internship and Thesis

Having young talent in the office for a few months can give you fresh perspective and ideas. Teaching them the ins and outs of business is most rewarding.

The internship is an important practical section of our curriculum. For 20 weeks, our students will work within your team, directly on assignments, from participating in strategic discussions to implementing project plans.

Have you identified a challenge or new opportunity for your company?
In their fourth year, AMSIB students are prepared to carry-out a 5 month in-company thesis, where they can take a microscopic look into your problem or new initiative.

The thesis project includes research, analysis, advice and in some cases implementation and evaluation.

Business Research

Business research is time-consuming and often non-core to your business. For our students however, it is second nature. Please contact us with any aspects of your market that you would like to have analysed, surveyed or explored.

Contact Internship and Thesis Coordinator

Carolina Janssen

T. 0621157313


Published by  Amsterdam School of International Business 20 June 2024
Andreia Carita - Intercultural Communication Lecturer

“ We've seen instances where professionals shine in their home markets yet are challenged in foreign arenas.”

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