Administrator account

All employees who administer things on company-wide ICT systems and require direct access to servers or ICT infrastructure to do so must use administrator accounts.

Terms of use

The use of an administrator account is subject to terms of use. One of the general terms of use is that the user must have a valid AUAS-ID.

An administrator account consists of the following things:

  • a personal account, created solely to grant the user access to company-wide ICT systems;
  • an additional authentication method that will help you log in, also known as a token. This can be an app on your mobile phone or a YubiKey (USB stick). The token will generate a unique password.

Your administrator account’s self-service panel ( will allow you to change your password and prepare your token for use, among other things.

Administrator accounts are linked to administrator privileges that determine to which systems the administrator account has access.

Administrator VPN client

An administrator VPN client will allow you to log into the company-wide ICT systems through a secure connection from any location.

An administrator VPN client only grants an administrator secure access to ICT systems at the network level. The ability to actually log in to a particular ICT system and obtain administrator rights is subject to separate agreements with the system owner and/or administrators responsible for the system.

Applying for an administrator account

You can apply for an administrator account via the Selfservice . The application procedure has the following components:

  • The user must accept the terms of use.
  • The user’s identity must be established.
  • The administrator’s privileges must be determined and authorised.
  • The user must apply for a token and prepare it for use (app or YubiKey).
Published by  ICT Services 4 November 2021