When you commence employment at AUAS, you will automatically receive an AUAS ID, which will allow you to access various ICT facilities.

Your AUAS ID is personal and unique to you, and it cannot be transferred to other persons. AUAS will never ask for your password, so be sure never to give your AUAS ID password to anyone. You will be required to change your password once per year. Staff members who are not actually employed by AUAS, such as temp workers, persons on secondment and external members of staff, are eligible for an AUAS ID as well. However, they are not allowed to use services such as Your AUAS ID will cease to be valid three months after you leave AUAS.

Applying for an AUAS ID

  • Employees affiliated with an AUAS faculty or service will receive a regular AUAS ID once they have been entered in the Personnel Administration.
  • Applications for emergency or guest accounts must be submitted by or on behalf of the employee’s manager.
  • Applications for special accounts, e.g. temporary accounts for the duration of an event, can only be submitted by an ICT Services contact person.
  • Applications for student accounts for members of staff (so-called P accounts) can only be submitted by an ICT Services contact person, who must submit such applications to the ICT Service Desk.

Activating your AUAS ID

You will need to activate your AUAS ID before you can use it. You will receive an activation code on your personal email address. Do not activate your AUAS ID from a mobile phone.

Managing your AUAS ID

At, you can inspect your personal details and change your password. When you first receive your AUAS ID, you can log in by entering the temporary password that you have received. Once you have activated your AUAS ID, you can replace this temporary password with a password of your own choosing.

Extending, blocking or removing your AUAS ID

An AUAS account can be extended, blocked and/or removed by or on behalf of your manager.

Two-step log-in

Several AUAS' systems use a two-step login procedure. We call this two-step verification. In addition to entering your AUAS ID and password, you will have to use another authentication method, also known as a ‘token’.

Forgotten your password?

At you can recover your forgotten password. For this, your date of birth and private email address must be correctly registered in SAP. If this is not the case, please contact Digital Service Desk AC.

Why is it important that you regularly change your password?

An increasing number of AUAS systems, such as SIS, can be used not only from an AUAS workspace but also from a person’s home or from an Internet café. It is easy for people with bad intentions to retrieve your password. AUAS is legally required to implement measures in order to prevent fraud and identity theft to the best of its ability. For this reason, you must change your password at least once per year.

Two-step verification

Several AUAS systems use a a two-step login procedure. In addition to entering your AUAS ID and password, you will have to use another authentication method, also known as a ‘token’.

ICT Code of Conduct

Users of an AUAS ID are required to comply with the ICT code of conduct.

Published by  ICT Services 28 August 2023