Login problems with your AUAS ID

Experiencing trouble logging in with your AUAS ID?

These tips may solve this problem for you:

  1. Make sure you have entered the correct password on all your devices. Do you have a new password? Make sure your password is changed on all your devices. For example, the email app on your phone. Look under change password AUAS ID for tips on changing your passwords on mobile devices.
  2. Use your AUAS ID as your login name (do not put @hva.nl behind it).
  3. Try to log in using a different browser (e.g. Firefox or Google Chrome).
  4. Try to log in on a different computer (smartphones and tablets often give you problems logging in).
  5. Try to log in to another AUAS website.
  6. Open an incognito window in your browser and try to log in to profile.surfconext.nl .
  7. Log in to id.hva.nl and click on Forgot password to reset your AUAS ID password. After that try to log in again.


Your AUAS ID can be temporarily blocked if you attempt to log in too often with the wrong password. This could be a malicious person, but usually it is an email app on a phone with an old password that tries to log in frequently with the wrong password in a short period of time.

In addition, we monitor suspicious login attempts. As soon as we suspect something is wrong, we block the account preventively. If your account is blocked, we will inform you by email at the private email address we have on record. In this email you can read more about the steps to take.

Block end of contract

You can use your AUAS ID until 90 days after the end of your contract. After this period the account will be closed. You will only be able to access your account again once you have signed a new employment contract with the AUAS and once this has been processed in our HR systems.

Published by  ICT Services 17 June 2022