Frequently asked questions


When you enter employment with AUAS, you will receive the details of your AUAS ID, your temporary password and your AUAS email address in an email sent to your personal email address.

Your AUAS ID will remain valid for as long as you work at or are on the payroll of AUAS. Your AUAS ID will be blocked, and your account removed, one month after the date on which you officially leave employment.

If you are about to leave employment, you will receive two email reminders:

  • one month before the end of your employment;

  • ten days before the end of your employment.

If you need to extend your AUAS ID, contact your manager, who will use the Digital Servicepoint for Employees to notify the relevant department of the new date on which your employment will be terminated.

Once your end-of-employment date has been revised in SAP (the electronic personnel file of AUAS), your AUAS ID will automatically be extended.

You can create a password yourself at . For security reasons, we advise you to create a strong password. Consult our tips on how to create a secure password.

Each faculty has one hundred guest accounts for students at its disposal. The faculties are free to grant such accounts to students for one week at a time. Such AUAS IDs can be activated at the customer service desk.

Your account has likely been blocked. This situation can happen when a smartphone or tablet tries to connect with the Exchange server using the old password, for example. Or perhaps you made a typing error when entering the new password on your smartphone or tablet. Your account will be unblocked after 15 minutes. In the meantime, try to pinpoint the error and resolve it, or contact the Service Desk on +31 (0)20 595 1402.

Call the Service Desk ICT Services at +31 20 595 1402.

Yes, you can. Close all your apps and turn off synchronisation with the Exchange server (following the instructions in the Exchange settings). Do not disconnect from the Internet. After all, you must be able to contact Account Management.

If you have more than one mobile device, switch off synchronisation on the other devices as well or put them in airplane mode.

Log into Account Management and change your password. Now change the password on your tablet or smartphone in the Exchange settings. You can now turn on synchronisation. Be sure to change the passwords on your other mobile devices as well before switching on communication.

If your account happens to be blocked in the process, change the passwords of your Exchange account and wait fifteen minutes. Your account should be unlocked after fifteen minutes, at which time you should be able to receive data again.

There is the risk that a device in which the old password is still saved will keep trying to connect with the Exchange server, which will result in your account being blocked (after 50 failed attempts). The blockade lasts 15 minutes, but the account will be blocked again if another 50 failed attempts are subsequently made.

If that situation occurs, you must switch off the mobile device causing the blockades and enter the new password in the Exchange account settings when you get the chance. The device will be able to connect with the server and your account will no longer be blocked.

Published by  ICT Services 26 February 2021