Fast-track, guest and special accounts

You can apply for an emergency account or guest account through your manager. For a special account, please apply through your ICT Services contact person.

Applying for a fast-track AUAS ID

If you are a manager, you can apply for fast-track AUAS IDs both for employees on a contract and for employees who are not on a contract. To do so, complete the Basic Registration form in the Digital Servicepoint for Employees (under ‘My team’). The employee will receive an AUAS ID in an email sent to the employee’s personal email address as soon as the application has been processed.

Guest account

A guest account allows guests at AUAS (e.g. representatives of external agencies, volunteers or guest speakers) to log in to the AUAS network, which in turn allows them to print documents and gain access to digital environments such as MyAUAS. If your guest only requires Internet access, you can grant them access to the ‘eduroam’ Wi-Fi network.

You can apply for a guest account through your faculty’s or service’s HR department.

Special accounts

The ICT Services contact person of a faculty or other unit may apply for special accounts, e.g. temporary AUAS IDs for open days, accounts through which external employees can access the BSCW drive or student accounts for members of staff. Such accounts will allow users who do not have a regular AUAS ID to access certain services, albeit with restrictions.

Other accounts

A department’s members of staff or guests may be granted access to other departments’ systems. Among other things, this service will allow them to be added to that department’s email list.

In addition, members of staff or guests may be eligible for a so-called SIS profile, which gives them additional privileges in the Student Information System (SIS).

Published by  ICT Services 28 August 2023