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My Personal Tasks in Pure

‘My personal tasks’ shows tasks connected to the status of your publications. It gives an overview of all the researcher's open tasks.

This tab displays all (research) output with the status 'Entry in progress'. This status means the researcher can continue entering data as long as (s)he does not conclude it. For as long as the entering process is not concluded, the article will will keep the status 'Entry in progress’. The next time you log into Pure, the article will be at 'My personal tasks' under the subheading 'Pending research output'.

Do you wish to complete the entry of a publication? Open the record and change the workflow at the bottom of the screen from ‘Entry in progress’ to ‘For approval’ and click 'Save'. Now it will no longer appear under ‘My personal tasks’ as 'Pending research output'.

Published by  HvA Library 30 June 2020