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ORCID & Pure

Not yet familiar with ORCID? ORCID stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID, a unique personal identification number that distinguishes researchers from each other.

More and more publishers and funding organizations are requesting ORCID IDs during manuscript and grant submission. Moreover, ORCID is supported by thousands of institutions, publishers and other organizations involved in the research world. It has become an important part of the global research infrastructure.

Connecting Pure and ORCID

You can easily and quickly create an ORCID via Pure and / or link an existing ORCID to your Pure account.

Why is ORCID useful?

  • An ORCID avoids name confusion and improves discoverability. ORCID is a personal ID for researchers like ISBN is for books, ISSN for journals and DOI for articles and data.
  • The use of an ORCID makes importing from databases to Pure easier. For example, when importing articles from Scopus, a researcher can search in Pure on the basis of his/her ORCID as stated in Pure. You no longer need to type in your ORCID during the search.
  • An ORCID is also useful for Automated Search in Pure. Automated search makes it possible to search one or more online databases for scientific publications based on the ORCID entered in your Pure profile.
Published by  HvA Library 9 November 2020