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ORCID & Pure

Quickly and easily connect your ORCID to your Pure account. This will automatically populate your ORCID page with your research output in Pure.

Not yet familiar with ORCID? ORCID stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID, a unique personal identification number that distinguishes researchers from each other.

Connecting Pure and ORCID

Follow these five steps to connect your ORCID and use the Pure-to-ORCID export feature.

Please note: if you have already added your ORCID in Pure but have not yet given your permission for the export feature to automatically sync your ORCID page with your research output in Pure, please click in your Pure profile on Authorise export of content to ORCID and follow the further steps.

  1. Log in to Pure . Click on your Personal overview page and then on Edit profile.
  2. Click on the link Create or Connect your ORCID iD.
  3. Enter the required information and click on Register.
  4. Pure will then ask for permission to access your ORCID. You must give your permission in order to use the Pure-to-ORCID export feature.
  5. Click on Save at the bottom of the Pure screen. You will now have an ORCID that is registered in Pure.

Why is it useful?

Automated search in pure

An ORCID is useful for the Automated search tool in Pure. You can use the Automated search tool to have Pure scan one or more online databases for academic publications that are linked to the ORCID in your Pure profile.

Pure-to-ORCID export feature

You can also use the Pure-to-ORCID export feature in Pure. This export feature will only be activated once you have given your permission as a researcher. Read the frequently asked questions for more information.

Frequently asked questions

This export feature makes it possible to automatically update your ORCID profile with information from Pure. Examples include:

  • research output that is set to Public in Pure, with a status ranging from Entry in progress to Validated;
  • researcher affiliations in Pure. Please note: only active affiliations will be exported, not former affiliations;
  • the following three identifiers in your Pure profile: Scopus ID, ISNI, Researcher ID (ORCID).

You must first activate this feature in Pure by giving your permission. To do so, see the steps under ‘Connecting Pure and ORCID’.

Automatic synchronisation takes place once a day. If desired, you can also click on Export in your Pure profile to perform an instant update.

Updates in a Pure record – such as changes to the title of a publication, affiliation or ID – are exported to ORCID. If a publication, affiliation or ID is removed from Pure, then it will also be removed from your ORCID profile.

Click in your ORCID profile on the red lock icon (‘only me’) next to the publication to change the visibility settings.

Let's say you have three active appointments in your Pure profile, but you only want to show one of them in your ORCID profile. By clicking on the red lock icon in the Employment field, you can hide two of them in your ORCID profile.

There is no point in removing a Pure publication or employment information in your ORCID profile. Because of the daily update of the system, Pure will once again export the record to your ORCID profile the next day. So please use the red lock icon.

Please note: the status of records in Pure should always be set to Public. This is necessary in order for the records to appear on other websites such as the AUAS staff pages, the HvA (AUAS) Research Database and Publinova.

Published by  HvA Library 14 November 2023