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10 Tips & Tricks - Pure

Please follow the following steps to ensure that Pure-records are validated quicker. Key issue: All the vital information is in the publication!

  • Avoid the template “Other Contribution”, the template “Report” is usually a good alternative.
  • A conference contribution that was published in a journal belongs in the “Contribution to Journal” template.
  • A conference contribution that was published as a chapter of a book or in a conference publication belongs in the “Chapter in book” template.

Copy the date of publication directly from the work.

Copy the title directly from the publication. Do not add title information that differs from the publication’s title. Possible additions to the title such as “Work document” or “Advise” can be included in the “Bibliographical note”.

Copy the names of the authors as they are stated in the publication.

  • First- and Surname as stated in the publication
  • The order of names as stated in the publication
  • External affiliation as stated in the publication

For the number of pages please count the numbered pages only.

  • For journal articles: “pages from-to”.
  • For books/rapports: “number of pages”.
  • Do not fill in both fields, just the one relevant to your situation.

If the publication is a chapter of a book always include the details of the host publication:

  • Title
  • Editors
  • Location and name of publisher
  • ISBN

Always add an attachment or a link to the online version. Also add an attachment or link if the publication is not allowed to me made public, in that case the status will be set as “Closed”. Aside from the open access agreement the attachment or link is necessary for the validator to have access to the information needed to validate the work. For a chapter of a book please add a copy of the title page + colophon and for journal article please add a scan of the journal issue/host publication.

If it is not already stated in the publication then it is important to add a comment with information on whether or not the licencing-/publication terms and agreements allow for the work to be openly published or not.

If the work is published by an external publisher and it is not clear whether or not the work may be openly published then upon validating the work the status should be put on “Closed” to avoid possible problems with the copyright holders. A comment with “Publisher granted permission for the work to be openly published” can prevent that the status of the work is put on “Closed”.

When it comes to journal articles always list the journal’s volume and issue in the appropriate fields.

Remember to regularly click the Save-button (blue button at the bottom) in the record otherwise your work will not be saved.

Published by  HvA Library 30 June 2020