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Publinova & Pure

Publinova is a platform for practice-oriented research conducted by Dutch universities of applied sciences. This platform has been linked to the Pure AUAS registration system by the HvA Library.

Through the integration with Pure, we can display profiles of HvA researchers and validated publications, also known as Research Output, on Publinova .

A profile is only publicly visible if the respective HvA researcher has made the profile public in the HvA Research Database. This happens automatically if you have content in Pure and/or if you have personally made your profile public in Pure HvA.

If you have a public profile on Publinova, your name, position, and optionally your ORCID identifier will be displayed by default. If desired, you can further supplement your profile on Publinova, for example, by adding your email address for contact purposes.

Note: All other information from your profile in Pure HvA (= HvA Research Database), such as a profile picture, will not be transmitted to Publinova.

Validated publications from Pure ("Products") are read-only on Publinova. The source remains Pure. Note: Not all metadata from Pure is displayed on Publinova.

Regarding profile information: your name, position, and AUAS email address from Pure are read-only on Publinova. You can supplement the other fields in your profile on Publinova itself.

Log in via SURFconext at , with your AUAS-ID or EduID. In your profile, go to the 'Profile and settings' section and slide the toggle next to 'Profile public' from On to Off.

If you do not want your profile to be (any longer) public on Publinova, go to the 'Settings' section in your profile and slide the toggle next to 'Profile public' from ON to OFF.

If this is not successful, contact the Publinova coordinator at AUAS Library, Anne Marie Meijer , or contact Publinova ( to have your profile locked.

No, your profile will continue to be displayed by default on Publinova.

Every night, Publinova retrieves data from the source system Pure. Therefore, the system is updated every 24 hours.

If you have directly modified your profile on Publinova, the changes will be immediately reflected on Publinova.

Published by  HvA Library 3 January 2024