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Open Access Publishing in Pure

Open access is het zonder belemmering toegankelijk maken van een publicatie.

If you select a journal, you’ll mostly find under ‘RoMEO color’ information about the possibility of open access publishing. Here you also find the publisher’s conditions concerning open access, such as embargo periods.

Pure can make publications available in open access. They will be accessible in the HvA Research Database , AUAS website, HBO Kennisbank for everyone, without barriers, and through search engines like Google.*

Use the button ‘Electronic version(s) and related files and links’ in order to

  • upload the publisher’s PDF for verification
  • publish it in open access, if allowed according to your copyright (select ‘open’).
  • If not: select ‘closed’ or ‘embargoed’. In this case you can enhance the visibility and accessibility of your publication by uploading the post or preprint (if allowed by copyright), if necessary after a brief embargo.
  • Add the DOI or link to the publication on the web for verification. If there is no DOI, then show the link to the publication at the publisher’s website. Those interested can then simply find the original version (if necessary after payment) . The Library uses the link to verify the bibliographic data.

* See more information on the visibility of records in the several workflow steps of validation.

Published by  HvA Library 27 September 2022