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Virtual Exchange: Coil

COIL is a new teaching and learning programme, that offers an international experience for students who don't go abroad. Via 'virtual exchange' students can participate in an international project and develop cross-cultural competence across shared multicultural learning environments. Therefore it's a beautiful example of 'Internationalisation at Home'.


Coil stands for Collaborative Online International Learning:


Student to student learning by working together, to improve the team skills.


Learning how to work in a remote team and manage virtual tools in a profesional manner.
International: cross cultural learning by bringing the world into your classroom, offering ALL students an international experience.


Practicing professional skills and learning from peers around the world.


As mentioned before, COIL gives all students the possibility of an international experience. It can open a student's eyes to the possibilities of studying abroad and helps prepare students for mobility.

COIL lets students practice 21st century skills, such as curiosity, flexibility, communicating and being open to other cultures.

Through the virtual exchange students can meet peers from across the world and expand their (professional) network. Students learn to work in an international team, using digital tools to collaborate at a distance.

The programme helps students to improve their communication, language, cultural, leadership and time management skills. It also gives the opportunity to get a peek into universities all over the globe.

Check the video on the right of this page to get an even better insight of COIL through the eyes of teachers and students.

Do you want to know more about the COIL programme? Please contact Eva Haug.

Published by  Amsterdam School of International Business 18 June 2019
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