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Information for parents

AUAS provides education to further its students' career goals whilst experiencing life in the great city Amsterdam. Here's what you need to know as a parent about preparing your students coming from abroad. page you’ll find out what you need to know as a parent or guardian to prepare them for their trip.

It's natural for questions to arise when your child goes to study abroad. On this page we've put together the most important issues to take care of when your child comes to study here. Take a look at the subjects below and if you still have questions, please 

About the AUAS 

What type of university is AUAS?

The Netherlands has both universities of applied sciences (hogescholen) and research universities (universiteiten). Research universities focus on the independent practice of research-oriented work in an academic or professional setting.

Universities of applied sciences, such as the AUAS, offer professional programmes in the applied arts and sciences that prepare students for specific careers. Practical work experience through internships, and hands-on field projects are an important part of the study programmes.

AUAS students are immersed in Amsterdam during their studies. Home to people from 181 different nations, English is widely spoken in this international business hub. Amsterdam is renowned as a hotbed of education and research in all conceivable areas: culture and society, trade, logistics, aviation, shipping, information technology, sports, healthcare and much more. With the city as their classroom, AUAS students work closely with countless industries, companies and organisations to come up with smart solutions to challenges facing our city.

Our university of applied sciences consists of seven faculties.  We have a total* of 46,928 students and offer 98 Bachelor’s, Master’s and Associate degree programmes, many of which are available in English (*these figures are from the 2022 annual report). See more quick facts about the AUAS

Find out more about the Dutch education system.

What programmes does AUAS offer in English?

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences offers a variety of Bachelor's, Master's and Exchange programmes in English. Overviews are available for your review and comparison below. Each programme page offers detailed information on the study load, career opportunities, admission criteria and application process.


Campus tours

Can we visit the AUAS for an orientation tour?

Parents are welcome at AUAS online open days, which are held regularly throughout the year. 
You can also visit our programme pages to see what our specific programmes can offer you remotely. 


Where can I find information about the application process?

Enrolment requirements vary based on the particular programme and the nationality of the prospective student. Comprehensive information on the general enrolment process is available for you to review and to help determine your child’s situation.

It’s important to check whether the programme your child is interested in has additional admission requirements or specific deadlines. Some studies are subject to enrolment quotas, which means that places are limited. Please review the information on the selection process for more information on these programmes.

Visa and residence permits

Does my child require a visa and/or residence permit?

Residence permits and visas are usually required by (non-European) international students and should be arranged in advance.

This Student Immigration tool provides a complete overview relevant to your child’s situation. This includes information on visas, residence permits, insurance and taxes. Additional information on topics related to immigration is also available.


Is insurance mandatory for international students?

Yes. Everyone residing in the Netherlands is legally required to have health insurance. Depending on your country of origin, you may be covered by your existing healthcare programme in your home country during your stay in the Netherlands. Our insurance information page tells you more about the various types of recommended insurance.

Financial matters

How much is tuition at AUAS?

In the Netherlands there are two types of tuition fees, statutory tuition fees and institutional tuition fees. The tuition fees page explains this and also includes a tuition calculator to assist you. 

Please also check the specific programme page for (potential) additional costs related to your child’s study of choice.

Are scholarships and grants available?

International students at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) may be eligible for a number of scholarships. These include the Amsterdam Talent Scholarship and the Holland Scholarship. The Study in Holland Grantfinder(opens in new window) search engine provides a complete overview of all scholarships available for students studying in the Netherlands.

What should we budget for living costs?

Students living and studying in the Netherlands generally spend between € 900 and € 1,600 per month. This covers rent, food, insurance, transport and other expenses. Some students manage to spend less, but this depends on one’s lifestyle. A more detailed overview of expected costs is available to help you estimate your child’s expenses.


Does AUAS provide student accommodation?

Amsterdam is one of the most popular university cities in the Netherlands, so the demand for reasonably priced accommodation is very high. The AUAS has agreements with various housing corporations and does its utmost to help international students find furnished accommodation, for a maximum period of one year.

To increase your child’s chances of securing a room, please apply for accommodation as early as possible. The AUAS will assist you as best as we can, but we cannot guarantee housing availability for all international students.

Students, and their parents, can also arrange accommodation themselves on the private market. Please read the information and advice on finding a room on your own.

Please note that everyone living in the Netherlands for longer than four months must register with their local municipality as a resident.  This can be arranged upon arrival.

Health and safety

Is Amsterdam a safe city?

Yes. The city consistently ranks among the world's safest cities (sixth place in 2021) in the Safe Cities Index, a global survey conducted annually by The Economist. Studies also show that students view Amsterdam as a safe place to live. Some 96% of students polled in the pan-European 'International Student Barometer 2018' said they were satisfied with safety in the city.

Although Amsterdam is the biggest city in the Netherlands, it’s cosy and compact. Your child will enjoy the quality of life here, which includes a vibrant bicycle culture. It’s wise however to take precautions against ‘petty crime’ in any city. Students should always lock their bicycles properly and keep an eye on their belongings, particularly in the city centre.  

What if my child falls ill or needs support?

The AUAS has a range of support services available for your child.

Each AUAS faculty has its own International Office. These teams are generally the first point of contact for international student support. Our staff members can help students by providing information, advice and assistance regarding studying, interning and training abroad.

In the event that your child falls ill, they can contact our doctors or psychologists, who hold open office hours for students and are also available by appointment. Student counsellors can also offer support by providing a listening ear, as well as information, advice and guidance to assist students with their studies or personal circumstances. Counsellors can be consulted for a range of topics, including study stress, study choice and financial issues, for example.

Do you have a question?

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