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Upon arrival

This is your guide to beginning life in Amsterdam when studying at the AUAS. Some of the items are compulsory, others will help you on your way. Be aware that you must arrange some things yourself before you get here, such as health insurance.

Please note that arranging these matters is first and foremost your own responsibility. The AUAS provides useful info here to help guide you, so you can get off to a great start.


Check in at AUAS Housing

If you've arranged accommodation through AUAS, you can pick up the keys to your new place as soon as your rental contract begins.

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Immigration (non EU only)

Collect your residence permit

AUAS notifies you when your permit is ready. You must then make an appointment to pick it up from IND.

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Register with the municipality

Registering with the municipality is essential for opening a bank account, visiting a doctor or starting work.

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Financial matters

Open a Dutch bank account

Once you have arrived in the Netherlands, it is very convenient to open a Dutch bank account. With the debit card which you receive when opening a Dutch bank account, it is easy and free of charge to pay at supermarkets, cafes and restaurants.

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Health insurance

You must have health insurance when coming to the Netherlands. Find out what applies to you and if you need to take out local Dutch insurance. Other types of insurance are also strongly recommended, in addition to health insurance.

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Student ID card

Collect your student ID

Your student ID is easy to organise. It is essential for life on campus and accessing student discounts.

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